The Bibliophile's 35 Under 35

"A list of 35 ScrollStack posts published before October 6th, 2020, categorised and arranged in order - for your reading pleasure.

Thank you for reading. Keep chasing the blues away, one book at a time :)" ~ Nitin

Bibliotherapy (noun) - ‘The use of books to aid people in solving the issues that they may be facing at a particular time.’ First coined during the trying times of World War I.

The debut post - the tale of my journey as a reader, told through nine montages, nine quotes...


"On March 22nd, 2020, life changed. For better or for worse, no one knows, but it changed for good."

A trilogy of rather long posts revisiting a rather long summer in reverse chronological order...




“42 - the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.” ~ 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' by Douglas Adams

My post-'gap year' take on Life, the Universe and Everything...


"Welcome to!

This corner of the web will be hosting a host of tales from a thirty-six-month-long 'gap year' for your reading (and my writing) pleasure."


Bibliophile (noun) - ‘An 'ape-descended life form' who prefers books to other 'ape-descended life forms'. One who doesn't like people less, but loves reading more.’

Guide (noun) - ‘Everything about something of interest - in one place, updated at regular intervals and arranged in reading order. Usually in the form of a handbook designed to be useful for visitors, first-timers and veterans alike, both 'ape-descended' as well as other-worldly.’

Project Bibliotherapy 101...


Ickigai Identification 101...


Odes to some of my favorites...









Rare Bedtime Stories resurrected from the Soviet Era for kids of all ages...







The first Bibliotherapy Quiz Contest...


Screen favourites...


Retro Gaming...



A few of my aural discoveries...




Past issues of the weekly magazine. To be continued shortly as part of 'Read More with Project Bibliotherapy'...


#31 Bibliotherapy Zine #2

#32 Bibliotherapy Zine #3

Brilliant reads discovered on ScrollStack in September...


A post detailing the latest Bibliotherapy experiment to nudge the world to read more...


The only under-35 list to which I can legally make it... going forward... :P


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Once upon a time, over the course of one billion seconds (or 31.7ish years), I followed the path glorified by society for any Indian kid getting good grades in school. Armed with a degree in Engineering and an MBA, I led a comfortable existence, earning decent paychecks in exchange for selling stuff; biscuits at first, followed by advertisements - for seven years. But being a bibliophile, someone who prefers books to people, a career in Sales wasn’t exactly my calling. So the moment I gathered enough confidence to do so, I quit! Three years have passed since then. Three years of living on my own terms, one day at a time, mostly without a plan, either 'On The Road' or 'At Home'. Three years, and counting…