Bibliotherapy Quiz Contest: Tazo Tuesday #2

Six more tazos, six more questions.
Nourishment for your brain to balance out the junk in your tummy, because seriously 'no one can eat just one!'

No One!!!
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Bibliotherapy Quiz Contest: Tazo Tuesday #2

Nitin Goel

Once upon a time, over the course of one billion seconds (or 31.7ish years), I followed the path glorified by society for any Indian kid getting good grades in school. Armed with a degree in Engineering and an MBA, I led a comfortable existence, earning decent paychecks in exchange for selling stuff; biscuits at first, followed by advertisements - for seven years. But being a bibliophile, someone who prefers books to people, a career in Sales wasn’t exactly my calling. So the moment I gathered enough confidence to do so, I quit! Three years have passed since then. Three years of living on my own terms, one day at a time, mostly without a plan, either 'On The Road' or 'At Home'. Three years, and counting…