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This tiny terrible tale from the mind of Vijendra Mohanty brightened up a Diwali spent wondering if the IQ of Delhi's firecracker-enthusiasts is inversely proportional to its AQI.

These inexplicable geniuses and their offspring also probably serve as the primary target audience for India's 'most-talked-about education technology company'. To know more about its 'best' practices, check out this articulate free-to-read piece written by Ashish Misra for The Morning Context...


“Perhaps you think such things don't happen in real life. Well, nobody says they do. Real life is one thing, and fairy-tale life is another.

Anything can happen in fairy-tales.” ~ Nikolai Nosov, Dunno's Adventures #1

Diwali coincided with Children's Day in 2020. To commemorate the latter, ten long-lost Soviet-era bedtime stories were collected in one place for easier access, revived and digitized from the personal collection, for the reading pleasure of kids of all ages.

Also, for the backstory of how the erstwhile Soviet Union helped folks from all over the world, including India, form a reading habit, check out...

sultan of swing-spin-pace-and-sundry adulation DEPARTMENT

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and also say that time has flown by rather quickly, but the memories you have left with me will always be with me forever and ever...

...especially 'Sachinnnnn, Sachin' which will reverberate in my ears till I stop breathing.

Thank you very much. If I have missed out on saying something, I hope you understand. Goodbye.”

~ Sachin Tendulkar, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, 16th November, 2013

Seven years ago, for an entire generation, cricket changed for good. It was a privilege to be among the Wankhede crowd witnessing him bat for the country one last time...

Relive the little master's farewell speech in text here.

For tributes from the finest, swipe sideways on this Instagram throwback from Summer 2020...

“It's 1998, a time for decisions. Academics or sports? Arts or science? Biology or computers? To meet her or to continue with phone conversations? To buy a copy of Debonair or to take a sneak-peek? These are the burning questions that occupy you. Do they matter?

Tendulkar is dismantling Damien Fleming, Shane Warne and Michael Kasprowicz in Sharjah. A desert storm, a birthday hundred and a ballistic Tony Greig.

A straight six off Warne when he starts around the wicket. Another straight six off Kasprowicz. "Whaddaplayaa," screeches Greig. It imprints itself in your head.” ~ Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

A personal favourite tribute from one of the more eloquent cricket-crazy wordsmiths of all time.

Also, treat yourself by revisiting Desert Storm '98 below...

Part I...

... and Part II


Also, from the pen of Siddhartha, "a charming tale of a young schoolboy trying to find his place in a changing world" - his debut novel.

“Fun, entertaining, a book full of characters and people you will identify with if you studied in Bangalore in the 80s and 90s... a well-written, delightful read even if you didn't.” ~ Rahul Dravid

Recommended reading!

rodent celebration DEPARTMENT

Mickey Mouse made his debut on Nov. 18, 1928, in the animated short "Steamboat Willie" at the Colony Theater in New York City.

Happy viewing :)

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